Who We Are

Technology you can trust. Support you can rely on.


It’s not the sleek technology you’re here for. 

It’s security and safety you want.


You are about to trust a device to keep tabs on your child.


So you need something that:

  • Will stay connected at all times
  • Won’t break after some rough play
  • Keeps your data private


GPS trackers are a dime a dozen.

But are those devices secure? Will a stranger be able to track your kid?


To most companies, a tracker is just another piece of cheap tech to earn them a profit.


Their $50 devices are shipped directly from China with instructions so garbled by Google translate you couldn’t tell the end of the sentence from the beginning. 

Sometimes it’s a struggle just to connect the device to your network. And customer support? Nonexistent. 


But we know what a GPS tracker is to you: loving your child in any way you can.


You’re trusting us with their safety. And we are parents. We know what that means.


I started this company just over six years ago when I wanted to keep my own daughter safe, as the devices on the market weren’t working for me. For all the above reasons. 


Today, Lil Tracker has become one of most trusted providers of premium GPS trackers in North America. And it’s not because we’ve got some multi-million dollar ad budget. 




It’s because our products actually DO what they’re meant to do - securely. 

  • Accurate location tracking both inside and outside 

“I can locate which shop my son is even inside a shopping mall.” - Kylie

  • Simple, child-friendly features your kid will love

My son thinks he’s Dick Tracy. Got one of these for him and he loves the thing. He particularly enjoys calling me and speaking into the watch...a little too much - Jeremy Saxe

  • Clear, easy-to-use app



And - you get personal support from real, live humans who speak English as well as you do. 


We help you: 

  • Find a SIM card provider and data plan that is right for your needs
  • Guide you on how to use the tracker abroad if you travel
  • Understand exactly how to use each feature


Lil Tracker was also great about responding quickly to all of my numerous inquiries. Great customer service! - Ken




In short:

Independence for your kid. Peace of mind for you.



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