Get motivated and

Track your
Steps Calories Weight Sleep Speed Cycle Heart Stress Distance Route Health Progress


Daily health data
at your


Get alerted to unusual heart rates, sport distances and sleeping issues which are individually recorded and viewable at your own leisure.

Packed with features

  • Alarms and reminders
  • Control your phone’s camera
  • Control your phone’s music
  • View incoming calls and messages
  • Mediation and deep breathing mode
  • Stopwatch and Timer
  • Sedentary Alerts
  • Weather: current + forecasts

Comes Packed with

11 professional sports and work out modes

  • Rowing machine

  • Elliptical

  • Yoga

  • Outdoor running

  • Outdoor cycling

  • Pool swimming

  • Indoor cycling

  • Jump rope

  • Treadmill

  • Power walking

  • Freestyle

What's Included


1.1" AMOLED display
Display resolution: 126*29
Display color depth: 16 bit
Display backlight: Maximum brightness ≥ 450 nits, adjustable

One touch-button (wakeup, return)

High precision 6-axis sensor and PPG heart rate sensor, 6-axis sensor: Low power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensor, Digital MEMS microphone

Battery life
14 day extra-long battery life with magnetic charger

Charging time: < 2 hours

11 professional sports modes:
Outdoor running, power walking, cycling, indoor running, pool swimming, freestyle, indoor cycling, elliptical, jump rope, yoga, rowing machine. (Supports automatic running or walking detection, pace alerts, completed kilometer alerts, high heart rate alerts)

24-hour heart rate and sleep monitoring with women's health tracking
Heart rate monitoring: Whole-day heart rate manual heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate curve
Sleep monitoring: Deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), naps
Women's health tracking: Provides recording and reminders for the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases
Stress monitoring, breathing exercises, PAI vitality index assessment, idle alerts, step counter, goal setting

Remote photo-taking, music playback, find my phone, phone muting, phone unlocking, incoming call notification, do not disturb, WhatsAPP notification, app message alerts, calendar reminder, event reminder, weather forecast, timer, countdown timer, alarm, Bluetooth broadcasting, online dials, custom dials, preset dials, screen locking, charging progress display, choice of wearing method, OTA upgrades

Body net weight: 11.9 g

Body dimensions: 46.95 × 18.15 × 12.45 mm

Waterproof rating 5 ATM

Wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

Haptic and Roto motor

RAM: 512 KB

Flash memory: 16 MB

Adjustable length: 155–219 mm

Battery capacity: 125 mAh

Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer battery

Strap material: TPU

Wristband buckle material: Aluminum alloy

Display cover material: 2.5D reinforced glass and AF coating

Case material: PC plastic

Operating temperature: 0℃~45℃

Supported systems:
Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above

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