A: We don't recommend it.  Our GPS trackers carry an IP67 water protection rating. This means they've been engineered to withstand being submerged in water up to 3 feet deep, for up to 30 minutes. However, its important to understand these criteria are tested in 'lab conditions' where the water is still and pure. It's best to remove your Lil Tracker before going swimming.


A: A SIM card with an active data plan from a compatible network, and SMS capabilities.


A: Our watch can log onto the Global Positioning System for free, however in order to send this information to the parent's cell phone, data usage is required. 


A: Battery life is dependent on usage, but rest assured that even with heavy usage, our battery will last the entire day. And while its very possible that our battery could last 2-3 days, we strongly recommend charging it nightly, just to make sure. 


A: Yes, however, check the coverage in your area. The functionality of our GPS trackers are dependent upon connecting to the wireless network of their SIM card provider.  Another SIM card provider we highly recommend is Speedtalkmobile.com. SpeedTalk specializes in SIM cards plans for smart watches. The two operators above offer a combined coverage to over 95% of the US population, use the one with the best 4G coverage in your area.


A: No. At the moment our app is supported by the Android and iOS operating systems.


A: No, a voice plan is not required. 


A: If your Lil Tracker is used daily, you'll use about 15-25 MBs of data per month. This includes data for locating your child's position, as well as for sending 'voice chat messages' back and forth with the tracker watch. It does not include video calls. The video calling feature uses a significant amount of data, so we recommend using this feature exclusively when your Lil Tracker is connected through WiFi. 


A: You can program up to 15 names and numbers in the watch's phonebook. Your child simply swipes the touchscreen and taps on the desired contact to place a call. 


A: As our GPS watches work on a mobile network, there is no range. As long as your watch is connected to the cell phone network, you can interact with it: across the street or halfway across the world!


A: Our GPS watch can work in countries all over the world, but please be advised if you leave your home country, there will be roaming charges. It works just like your mobile phone.


A: Yes! Our new 4G trackers can connect to WiFi networks too! Its important to note you'll still require a data plan for use outside of your WiFi network.