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  • Plans without a Voice package do not allow calls or listen-in mode
  • Voice packages include an aggregate amount of voice minutes for the duration of the plan (ex: the 6-month plan with voice package includes a total of 15 voice minutes for use over the duration of each month during the plan.)
  • Overages: All data over 60 MBs/ month will be charged at $0.65/ per MB. Any voice minutes incurred above the total of the package will be charged at $1 per minute.
  • Roaming: All plans are Canada wide. Contact us to add Roaming capabilities.
  • All fees are plus taxes. Data is rounded up to the nearest MB. Voice usage is rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • You can purchase multiple voice add-ons to be stacked, permitting your Lil Tracker more voice minutes per month.
  • Our SIM cards are offered for use with Lil Tracker and similar GPS devices. Installation of one of our SIM cards in a non-authorized device may incur additional fees.
  • We reserve the right to pause or deactivate SIM cards for misuse or if overages become too high.