Police, firefighters, EMTs, military personnel, doctors and nurses… They all play such important roles in our communities. That’s why Lil Tracker is announcing a special 10% discount to #OURHEROES (who use this promo code). Beginning today, thru till the end of day on September 4th, 2017 anyone working in one of the fields above can get a Lil Tracker kid’s GPS safety watch and save money at the same time. by adding the code #ourheroes during their purchase.

 We know these men and women work tirelessly to help keep us safe, and we want to make their jobs just a little bit easier by streamlining the safety of our children and families. All parents can do this by buying their kids a Lil Tracker kids GPS tracker watch.  

 If you know someone who is a rescue worker or someone who is involved in the military, please share this blog with them. The more we get the word out about our product, the more people we can help keep safe (and hopefully, in the process, we can make #OURHEROES’ jobs just a little bit easier).