Last year, Lil Tracker announced a special program offering discounts to Firemen, Policemen, Nurses, Doctors, current and former Military personnel (and their spouses) and others working in fields that benefit our communities. We called it the 'OUR HEROES' program: Lil-Tracker-Honours-Community-Heroes

Today, in honour of Teacher Appreciation Day, we are excited to add School Teachers to the OUR HEROES program. Teachers play such a vital role in the development of our communities, and their hard work is often overlooked. We hope that including them in this program will help make their roles just a Lil easier, and perhaps inspire other organizations to offer similar programs. To receive the instant $10 discount on our kids GPS trackers or any of the other devices in our Lil Tracker shop, all they need to do is enter the code OURHEROES at checkout when purchasing a GPS or Bluetooth tracker from our online store.

From all of us at Lil Tracker, a big "Thank you" to all the teachers out there for all your work and dedication. Keep up the wonderful work!